Progress With Vigrx Plus

Yeah. I mean, there’s a, that’s another consideration, too, that as I gotten to the fertility fields I kind of had to recon with using Vigrx Plus. It’s like sometimes people didn’t really want a kid. And then they realized their time is running out. And so there’s a conflict And I think it’s the time they really do some inner vision and see like what do you really want. Because as I said if your life is really juicy and wonderful, you don’t necessarily need a kid who likes Vigrx. 
If you want a kid I want to support you 100 percent. But sometimes there’s just a conflict and confusion like, “I’m running out of time. Am I going regret it?” These are big questions to wrestle. And sometimes really just having someone to talk it out with or journaling or meditating, you’ll find your answer.  I agree. I think a lot of people could get trapped in the logistics of how this can all be possible. But if you’re being pushed by media, for example, or your family—“When are you going to have a kid?”—if you get confused and conflicted by their pushing, if you don’t get to tune in like you mentioned and do yoga or do meditation and feel what you actually want inside that answer may be different than what society crafts for you, so off subject, but definitely important to using Vigrx Plus. And that soul searching is really helpful sometimes. So we’ve talked about the age. We’ve talked about a lot of good things. Now, say, we are aging or maybe we’re not, how do we support the sperm and the egg quality, you mentioned nutrition as a great foundation?  Yeah. I wanted to get in to this a little bit more because I think there is stuff we can do. I think there’s a bit of a misunderstanding that a lot of sperm are just the way they are. Eggs are just the way they are. We can’t do anything about it. If you go to a very conventional reproductive endocrinologist, they might second that. Learn more at and  
 If go to a more progressive one, they will say things different. They always need to see the science first. So there are some studies being put out that show certain things do help with sperm and egg quality. So I’m going  is like you can’t do everything for the baby. You’ve got to do stuff for yourself. You’ll resent the baby if you feel like you’re doing all the stuff for a baby who doesn’t exist yet. But if you think, “You know what? Actually, I do need to lose a little weight. I am eating like crap.” Maybe, it is time. And you start to see the results for yourself, I think that’s very rewarding. So everything I’m going tell you is going to make you feel better. Exercise. It builds testosterone, helps your sex drive for both parties. Healthy body weight. When we’re carrying around too much fat tissue, the enzymes there can help make our testosterone into estrogen. And we don’t want that. And then, we’re having an unbalance of estrogen to testosterone fueled Vigrx Plus supplements. Learn more at