Open Web Application Security Project: Menu Innovations

As some of you may know, OWASP has recently hired a very talented graphic design contractor, Hugo Costa, to help our community with their design related needs. As there are many different marketing pieces Hugo is able to develop, the Ops Team went ahead and put together a Design Menu of services to better outline the types of options our community can choose from.
The prices listed next to each item are the cost associated for the development of each piece. OWASP is encouraging projects, chapters, and outreach volunteers to use their funds to cover the cost of the designer’s time for development of each menu item. If your project or chapter does not have funds, then please let us know and we will attempt to find you resources for your design needs.
The price includes 3 rough sketches of the menu item, and 5 changes/edits to the chosen design. Then we will charge by the hour for additional changes. The current hourly rate is $15 USD/Hour. Please note that OWASP is not making any profit on the below prices or hourly rate, and passing along the rate and billing directly from the designer.
There are a good range of services that we are able to provide so we recommend having a read, and letting the staff know if you have questions about anything on the design menu. We are more than happy to help you with any design related question. Please submit your request or question via the Contact Us Form.